Our Training Program - A Life-Long Learning Process

Our state-of-the art training in our state-of-the art facilities makes our Apprenticeship and Training Program one of the best - if not the best - in the International Union of Operating Engineers.

With four strategically located all-weather facilities throughout the state of Ohio,
our members can and do train year around, regardless of weather.

A versatile, well-trained, dedicated staff not only trains members, but continuously retrains itself to meet, and stay ahead of, ever-changing industry standards.

The skills required in today's industry are changing ever-faster, and our members realize and understand that. It's one of the reasons more than 137,500 training hours were logged last year as members recognized the need to keep their skills, their certifications and their knowledge current.

During the past decade, from the time the indoor training program began, more than 1.5 million training hours have been logged by Local 18 members!

New Contractors and members alike both know they must continue to meet the changing demands of the industry through quality skills training. "Together we train, together we gain" is relevant to both.

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Richfield, Region I Training Facility

serving the District 1 & 6 areas
4675 Newton Road, Richfield, Ohio 44286
(800) 842-9419

Cygnet, Region II Training Facility

serving the District 2 area
9435 Cygnet Road, Cygnet, OH 43413
(888) 634-6880

Logan, Region III Training Facility

serving the District 3 area
30410 Strawn Road, Logan, Ohio 43138
(888) 385-2567

Miamisburg, Region IV Training Facility

serving the District 4 & 5 areas
4250 Soldiers Home-Miamisburg Road, Miamisburg, Ohio 45342
(800) 635-4928